MSU Geology in the Field


Meet Our Team

Brian Hampton is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at Michigan State and conducts research focused on the tectonic evolution of mountain belts as preserved in sedimentary basins with a specific focus on the North American Cordillera and the tectonics of southern Alaska. Members on the Basin Research Lab have also conducted research in the central Andes of Bolivia and Argentina and also have active projects in the Michigan basin and the North American Midcontinent. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Hampton’s interest in the geological sciences, and specifically tectonics and mountain belts began in the central Cascades of Washington and Oregon. He earned a PhD from Purdue University in 2006 and has a MSc degree from Louisiana State University.

Cody MacDonald (@macdo159) is an undergraduate senior in the Department of Geological Sciences at MSU and is interested in pursuing graduate research in the fields of sedimentology, tectonics, and basin analysis. Macdonald has served as acting president for the Geology Club at MSU during which he worked with MSU faculty and undergraduate students to organize a geologic field trip to Ireland over the 2011 MSU spring break. Originally from Traverse City, Michigan, Macdonald confirmed his passion for tectonics and field-related research during his field experience at the Department of Geosciences 2011 Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp that took place in parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada. 

Kraig Koroleski is an undergraduate senior in the Department of Geological Sciences at MSU and has early-career research interests in geophysics to address tectonic-scale scientific questions. Upon Koroleski’s completion of his undergraduate degree at MSU, he plans to continue his research pursuits in the geological sciences at the graduate level. Koroleski was born and raised in Hudsonville, Michigan, and became interested in the geological sciences after participating in a 3-week high-school field experience in the Rocky Mountains, Grand Tetons, and Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

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